C/M2M is our proprietary cloud based platform for managing M2M and IoT devices. It allows us to realize your custom M2M or IoT project in a cost efficient and timely manner. Typical Use Cases include:

  • Relay of Meteorological or Environment data to a back-office application
  • SCADA and monitoring applications in the Oil & Gas and Mining industry
  • Applications dealing with the monitoring of Renewal Energy systems such as Windmill and Photovoltaic plants
  • Agriculture and Farm protection
  • Wide area, such as Seaports and Airports, monitoring
  • Roadside infrastructure and mobile applications
  • Maritime and inland shipping applications

We are especially focused on applications:

  • Which have a critical nature
  • Which have a need for a Satellite communication link
  • Which are remotely located and are difficult to access
  • Which benefit from a customized and dedicated development approach

C/M2M offers the following main features:

  • Data communication from the client device to the C/M2M platform by means of the lightweight MQTT communication protocol.
  • Data can be encrypted while a CRC check prevents tampering with the data.
  • The C/M2M message format supports the transmission of small images.
  • Set an unlimited number of alarms on a single data value (High, Low, Rate Of Change etc.).
  • Output alarm messages as an SMS, E-Mail or Twitter feed.
  • Possibility to include geographic location information in a C/M2M message.
  • Supports asset tracking and geo-fencing.
  • Forward data via Apache ActiveMQ to your own applications.
  • Data storage according to a well-specified Service Level Agreement.
  • Support for Big Data storage and analyses.
  • User-friendly web interface to configure the system.
  • Available as a SaaS and/or private cloud solution.
  • Remote update of the client device software based on the OMA/DM standard.
  • Activation and configuration of remote end-points from the C/M2M platform.

For more information about our C/M2M development capabilities, please contact Daniel Andersson.

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