eCall Interface Gateway

The European Commission has decided that eCall should be available in all new cars as from April 2018. Many cars today are already equipped with private eCall systems. To integrate these private eCall systems into the overall, pan-European eCall system, a new CEN standard has been develop. This standard allows Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) to forward calls received from drivers as standardized eCalls to the Public Safety Access Point (PSAP).


Supported by the ITS-VIS framework conducted by ITS Belgium, Nimera has architected and developed a reference implementation of the CEN EN16102 specification. The resulting product, the eCall Interface Gateway, supports the certification of TPSPs, management of Certification Providers, PSAPs and the certification process by Public Authorities, the certification of TPSPs by the Certification Provider and the processing of eCalls by the PSAP operators.

The eCall Interface Gateway enables the activities of:

  • – Public authorities responsible for eCall and the management of the Public Safety Access Points
  • – Third Party Service Providers (call centers) receiving calls from the vehicle
  • – Certification Providers responsible for the certification of the TPSPs
  • – Public Safety Access Points responsible for processing the incoming emergency calls

Key benefits

  • – Management of Certification Providers
  • – Centralized certification process
  • – Handling of EN16102 standardized TSD
  • – Prioritization and follow-up of incoming calls
  • – API for third party applications

For more information, please contact Erwin Vermassen.

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