Mobility is without a doubt a vital part of our 21st century society. The mobility of people and goods is also changing rapidly and fundamentally. e-Mobility, Mobility As A Service, automated vehicles, improved traffic information and guidance systems are increasingly determining how we travel in this world of ours. Nimera engineers have extensive experience in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. Our projects include the implementation of DATEX II and eCall applications, the publication of detailed traffic information by broadcasters, the use of UAVs in the field of mobility, among others. As an example ROMIS (Road Meteorological Information System), is our mobile or semi-static weather station, and a lot more, which helps in informing drivers about slippery roads, heave rainfall, excessive windspeeds etc. We offer technical consultancy, software and hardware development services to solve your mobility problem. Why not contact us to today and see what we can do for you?

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