Industry monitoring solutuions

Would you like to be more in control of your industrial processes and be able to impact them directly? Nimera can enable you to make the right decisions based on accurate data from both local and remote sources. We do so by installing the relevant sensors at your site in order to gather data which we can then present to you in custom dashboards and reports, all populated in real-time.

Nimera is expanding its service offering with a number of applications for industry monitoring. Use cases include air quality monitoring and leak detection, as well as water or power consumption reports. Where necessary, we will install a private network, for instance LoRa, at your site, connecting the sensors to the internet wirelessly.

For the hardware part, we will soon be able to offer sensors off-the-shelf through our webshop (opening in February). And for the software we will shortly be integrating a new system for workflows, increasing both the efficiency by which Nimera can provide custom solutions as well as the usability for the end-user.

If you would like to know more, please contact us right away, or keep an eye on our website for further announcements.