Earth Probe

Would you like to have a view on the changes in your surroundings or in the environment at large? Would you like to have this information readily available in orde to be able to make the right decisions?
Nimera’s Earth Probe concept combines the right sensors with a powerful data system in order to provide you with the sensor data according to your preferences. The system is capable of measurements for meteorological information, air and water quality data as well as other sensor data. Earth Probe is a stand-alone system, powered by means of a solar panel and/or a small windmill, which makes it suitable for both temporary and continuous measurement installations as no cabling or infrastructure is needed. Measurement data is forwarded to Nimera’s own cloud based back-end system, C/M2M, via wireless technologies such as 3G/4G, LoRa or satellite communication.

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Typical Earth Probe applications include:

  • – Monitoring of the air quality in cities
  • – Water quality monitoring
  • – Wind speed and wind direction
  • – Fog, snow and rain detection
  • – Short-term weather forecast
  • – Monitoring of road weather conditions, either temporary (e.g. during winter time) or continuously
  • – Enriched traffic information


Some key features of the platform are:

  • – Real-time data from any location
  • – Customized user interface
  • – Configurable alarms on data values
  • – Notifications via SMS, email, Twitter
  • – A complete end-to-end solution
  • – Data extraction to DATEX II and other messages standards
  • – Data forwarding to your own external application (MQTT or AMQP standards)


For more information about and/or a demo of the Earth Prove services, please contact Nimera at

Earth Probe

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