Airfield Weather Monitoring Station

Nimera installed a first version of its EarthProbe weather station on Grimbergen airfield (EBGB). The weather station combines many high-quality sensors produced by the Italian company DeltaOhm with a state of the art computing and data communication module produced by the Spanish based company Libelium. The system transmits the measured results every 5 minutes over a LoRa radio system. LoRa allows to send data over a considerable distance with a low power consumption. This makes it possible to run the system on a battery. In the case of the installation at Grimbergen airfield this battery is charged by means of a solar panel. A small windmill can also be used. The weather station operates fully stand-alone, without a need for any infrastructure or cabling. The station is occupied with a GPS receiver which allows to locate the station on a map.
The data is forwarded by means of a LoRa gateway to the internet and processed by the Nimera, Microsoft Azure based middleware system. The huge set of this processed information is available by means of a simple web service.

For more details and specifications, please download the product sheet here.