Our offering

Nimera provides services for three main industries: Mobility, Telecommunications and Environtment & Society

Environment & Society

Our offer includes static and dynamic end-to-end measurement platforms for monitoring environmental matters, e.g. air quality, water quality or integration of other sensors.

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With an extensive experience in the ITS industry, Nimera offers ICT and consulting services for traffic information and safety features as well as an improved and eco-friendly mobility.

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Nimera can help monitor your industrial processes and equipment. We can provide sensors, data-reports and dashboards enabling you to make the right decisions based on real-time data.

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About Nimera

Your IoT and M2M partner

Company history

Nimera (previously known as Nimera Mobile ICT) is a software and hardware development company mainly active in the fields of mobility and environment and society. The company was established in 2004 and our expertise, development skills and products have been used in a wide range of industrial, telecom and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) projects. As a system integrator we specialize in the management of and data communication with remotely located client systems which operate under difficult or hard to reach conditions. Typical projects include machine-to-machine communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) where we make full use of our experience in both hardware and software development. Our C/M2M software platform allows us to develop highly customized Internet of Things (IoT) applications in a cost effective and timely manner. Together with our partners we are able to provide the best solutions to your problem. For a major Satellite ISP, operating in Africa, we have developed a Business Support System (BSS) and Operational Support System (OSS) which clearly brought a huge competitive advantage to our customer. During the development of this project we gained major experience in the integration of Network Management Systems (NMS) in a BSS/OSS system. We are especially interested in “difficult” projects which need a high level of customization and in general contain a high risk level. We are a group of dedicated engineers and software developers with a focus on the latest development technologies and best practices. We successfully use SCRUM and Agile development methodologies to develop our projects in a stepwise fashion and in a close relation with the system end-user.

Nimera provides off-the-shelf end-to-end solutions for data gathering with a number sensors suitable for a multitude of applications. Our own backend solutions handle your data storage needs and with our generic user interface, several different use cases for data viewing and reporting.
Should our generic user interface not cover all your needs, we would be happy to build a custom user interface as per your requirements. Nimera is also happy to take on any machine-to-machine software integration projects.
For certain data gathering projects, off-the-shelf hardware might not suffice. In those cases, Nimera's team of hardware and electronics engineers is ready to design custom hardware for the integration of sensors and platform with the required software, following your needs.
Nimera offers consultancy services related to sensor networks, mobility and telecommunications OSS/BSS systems. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, our available products and past experiences.

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Nimera’s lead developer Thomas Geerdens discussing with Microsofts’ Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie during Techorama 2017 in Antwerp about the Microsoft Azure …

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Nimera to pitch at Cleantech Forum Helsinki

The Cleantech Forum Europe starts today in Helsinki and Nimera has been asked to hold a small presentation during a session on Industry 4.0. …

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Cleantech Forum 2017

Nimera will be present at the upcoming Cleantech Forum in Helsinki on May 16th – 18th. If you are interested in meeting up …

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